BOS-1 Series

Australia's most reliable bolt-on sensor.


The BOS1 bolt-on sensor has been used for many years in a wide variety of temporary and permanent installations. It's design allows for easy fitting to a variety of materials with minimal effort. This can be achieved without affecting the measurement structures integrity.

The BOS is machined from high quality 630 grade SS (alloy steel - optional) and has been thermally compensated over a wide temperature range to allow for use on common steel structures with minimal output variation due to temperature.

The sensor body is potted with a two part polymer encapsulate to give superior protection against moisture access and shock vibrations. Each sensor is fitted with three metres of four core screened polyurethane cable. Alternate housings are available using machined acetyl - this allows for the housing of additional electronic components such as signal conditions and wireless component options.

Successful applications include :-

  • Load monitoring of silo, bins, hoppers, etc.
  • Tyre handler overloading protection
  • Overload & load monitoring of structures

Variations possible include :-

  • Heavy duty cable
  • Longer cable lengths
  • Acetyl Covers
  • Amplified outputs (e.g. 4-20mA, 0-10V etc.)
  • Wireless version

Bridge Resistance 350 Ω +/- 5%
Zero balance +/- 0.5mV
Operational temperature range -20 deg.C to +85 deg.C
Compensated temperature range -10 deg.C to +60 deg.C
Temperature coefficient of zero <+/- 0.020% per deg.C
Temperature co-efficient of span <+/- 0.015% per deg.C
Environmental protection IP66
Output signal 1 mv/V @ 400 µstrain
Recommended excitation 5 to 8 volts DC
Maximum excitation 12 volts DC