Load Pins

For almost 20 years Delphi have been producing high quality load pins to suit a variety of loading applications.


Measurement ranges of 100kg up to a massive 500t have been designed, machined, assembled and tested in our manufacturing facility on Queensland's Gold Coast.

Our load pins are well known within the crane, lifting and winch industries - thanks largely to the safety factor our designs - which typically exceeds 7:1 (minimum 6:1) to fall in line with rope safety factors in the lifting industry.

Many of our load pins are used to replace a pin in an existing machine or at the design/assembly phase of new equipment - often as part of a wedge socket, sheave or shackle.

Our custom build capability and short lead times are critical to our success.

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Application Examples

  • Crane lifting weight and overload readings
  • Cargo and material handling reading
  • Winching and cable laying
  • Rigging and lifting
  • Conveyor monitoring (weight)
  • Dynamometers
  • Axle Shaft or Pin replacement to record weight and force

The advantage of choosing Delphi

  • Safety - 300% safe overload, 600% ultimate
  • Rugged - Internally gauged, IP67 rated
  • Short lead-time
  • One off, custom pins
  • Custom designs - assistance and recommendation of load pin design provided
  • Output variety - load cell, amplified (4-20mA or V) and wireless options
  • Pin locking/anti-rotation - solutions provided for locking the pin into place including key slot/s, circlips, anti-rotation bars, locking nuts/bolts etc.

General Specifications

Load range0.1 - 100 Tonnes
Accuracy+/- 0.5% of range*
Repeatability+/- 0.15% of range*
Excitation<10V DC
Output1.00mV/V nominal
Pin Dia. tolerance   g6 (-0.02mm - 0.04mm)**

>300% (No damage)
>600% (Ultimate)
Thermal effects+/- 0.005%/°C on output or zero *
Termination3106A 14S 6S 300 **


Material 630 Grade Stainless Steel
Hardness 38-45HRC


Full bridge strain gauge, (dual bridge optional).
4-wire standard, (6-wire optional).
Input resistance760 ± 8% Ohms **
Output resistance    700 ± 0.5% Ohms **
ConnectionDelphi 6 pin connector, M12 (optional), integral cable (optional
4 WireARed+ Excitation
CBlack- Excitation
EWhite- Signal
FGreen+ Signal
Opt 6 wireByellow+Sense

Custom Design Requirements

With Head

Without Head

Diameter (H above) and overall length required for quotation.

Dimensions B, C and D are required as a minimum to manufacture.


**Standard unless otherwise stated.

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Load Pin Data Sheet