Tension Cells

Delphi offers a wide range of tension load cells to suit your needs.

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Delphi Measurement manufactures a variety of bespoke tension measuring sensors to fit our customers equipment. Over the years the popular design of the “plate cell” has evolved. These cells are used in many industries, where measurement of a pulling or tension force is required. Our simple, rugged design makes them suitable for the harshest environments. These load cells are manufactured from a variety of materials including 630 (17-4PH) Stainless Steel, Aircraft Grade Aluminium or Alloy Steel.
The load cells are available in cabled or wireless versions. The cabled versions are used in permanent mount installations and the wireless versions are typically used in portable applications.
The combination of wireless technology and high strength materials make the TW 103 series a lightweight, highly versatile and portable load measuring solution.

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100T Series

The Delphi 100T Tension Cell Range; made from 630 stainless Steel (17-4PH) are used in cable lifting, strength testing, winching and tensioning applications. IP67 rated, with integral connector and removable cable

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103TW Series

The Delphi radio linked in line tension cell range is suited to all types of load monitoring, weighing, lifting, winching and towing where connection cables are not practical. This cell couples with our versatile range of digital hand held indicators.

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