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Partnership between Cube Technologies and Delphi Measurement

Cube Technologies

Cube Technologies is an international industrial solution provider, to a diverse range of clients from all manufacturing sectors. With offices in South Africa and Australia, we provide technology-based solutions to clients, who continue to deal with a team of handpicked experts, who are responsible for turnkey index picsolutions. Cube Technologies is YOUR partner in "Totally Integrated Automation." (TIA)

Cube Technologies is a Solution Provider. Feasibility Studies, operations and application specific consultancy services are offered to existing and prospective clients. The focus of this service is to produce an operations-oriented feasibility study, that extends into a technical specification. Such a study includes the Conceptual Plan, Operations System Design, Detailed Technical Design and Benefit/ Risk Analysis, and Software.

The software development and configuration service focuses on solutions that ensure full compliance with management and operational requirements, to ensure the effective and efficient operation of a plant, from order entry, through the manufacturing process, to client delivery.

Customer Training and Support

A dedicated training centre has been established, offering industry-accredited training for up to eight trainees. Several hardware and software maintenance contracts are currently in existence. New contracts are tailored to specific customer requirements.

Project Management and Quality

Project execution activities include continuous project assessments, using methods such as Schedule and Cost Performance indices, as well as internal and client progress evaluations and reports.

Industrial Information Systems

A tailored enterprise solution will share information in such a manner, that operational processes and executive decisions are streamlined through availability of the correct information, to the correct sub-system, at the right time with no manual intervention.

Programmable Logic Controllers

Our programmable logic range (PLC) of controllers covers all applications from micro automation for very simple applications to very large process industry orientated applications with distributed Architecture. The controllers supplied are mainly Siemens ranging from the micro automation Logo and S7-200 to the larger application S7-300 and S7-400 range. Our engineers have experience in both OEM type applications as well as industry-wide process automation.

Human Machine Interfaces

The human machine interface (HMI) enables operator control and monitoring of the machine or manufacturing process. Operator control and monitoring enables management of the process, optimisation of the machine and system operation, and increases availability and productivity. We supply the Siemens Simatic HMI range which offers a complete spectrum of innovative and low-cost products and systems for the multifaceted tasks of the operator. These range from operator panels and visualization software for operator control and monitoring at the machine to SCADA systems for larger process and manufacturing automation applications. In our opinion a well designed HMI is critical for successful plant operations. Hence we take particular care in optimising the number of alarms the operator is expected to handle per hour, the number of variables on a graphic and the complexity of the graphics.

Distributed Control Systems

Our distributed control systems (DCS) are well suited for the process industry with large I/O counts. The advantage of the DCS over a SCADA/PLC solution for clients is that it has a standard library of control function blocks and graphical elements, which does not belong to a system integrator or other party. Hence support for the system is possible by a larger number of suppliers. The engineering effort in most cases is less for a DCS system due to the pre-tested and approved library that is supplied with the DCS package. Maintenance of our DCS installations, by the client, is also more cost effective, due to standardisation of the configuration. Our preferred DCS solution is the state-of-the-art Siemens PCS 7 system which has proven itself in most applications.

Management Information Systems (MIS) & Manufacturing Execution Systems(MES)

Manufacturing Execution Systems are being increasingly demanded as many manufacturers face local and global challenges within their industries. MIS and MES are essential tools for one to compete successfully in the Global village today. Management no longer have the luxury of time to wait for weekly or even monthly reports. The organisation needs to be agile to deal very quickly with, increased competition, regulatory pressure, production challenges, supply chain issues and shortening consumer demand cycles. This enables such an organisation to have the correct product in the market place, which is produced at minimum cost and acceptable quality, and is provided on time to the client. Our MIS/MES solution enables the client to collaborate with us throughout the project life cycle. This enables manufacturers to enhance their operations at a production and business level.

The Siemens SIMATIC IT product enables the client to manage the solution and make changes to business processes etc. once the solution is implemented. This is a result of the innovative graphical user interface for the configuration of the “rules” by which the solution operates.

SIMATIC IT, the Siemens MES solution, meets all the requirements for a modern MES landscape, offering a wide range of components for optimal planning, execution, as well as documentation development and planning process- thus enabling the seamless integration of your company.

SIMATIC IT helps you achieve greater plant efficiency, higher product quality, and increased delivery reliability as well as shortening cycle times and ensures end-to-end traceability for raw materials and products.

SIMATIC IT MES brings excellence to the manufacturing enterprise:

  • Interoperability with Business Level
  • Visibility for fast decision making
  • Time-to-Market support
  • Total Quality Management
  • Full flexibility in production
  • Complete integration with the Supply Chain
  • A complete solution for Plant Operations

Cube Technologies is the preferred certified Siemens Solution Partner Automation for SIMATIC IT. Cube Technologies offers MES and MIS solutions that feature a complete set of functional capabilities that will guarantee consistent and effective execution of operational activities.

Client Services

Cube Technologies is a service orientated company and aims to be prompt and efficient at all times. We strive to provide our clients with any service they might require, and ensure that our utmost attention and ability is devoted to meeting deadlines. Service is the cornerstone to an efficient industrial economic climate.

We offer a technical Support Hot-Line and a Technical Support Web Site Portal. All queries and bugs can be reported to this address. All requests are logged into a database and receive attention on a daily basis.

Apart from the Annual Software Maintenance Agreement (upgrading of software to the latest revisions), we also offer Service Level Agreements (SLA), and an Annual Maintenance Contract. This enables the client to have their software upgraded and installed by our engineers, as well as an audit of the system hardware and software performed. Field Service Support Services and financing options are also offered.

Cube Technologies have their head office in Hillcrest, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Cube Technologies (AUS) and Cube Technologies (KSA) are two associate companies based in Australia and Saudi Arabia respectively. From these offices, we can offer global support to our clients.

PCS7 Project References

  • UCL Company Ltd (RSA) - 2004/5

  • NAHMAT Pan Boiling Software & Juice Prep Automation
  • USA Distillers (Swaziland) - 2004/5

  • Replacement of SCADA/PLC plant wide with DCS
  • Illovo Sugar Ltd (Zambia) - 2005

  • NAHMAT Pan Boiling Software
  • United Sugar Corporation (KSA) - 2006/7

  • Phase 2 Expansion of entrie refinery
  • United Sugar Corporation of Egypt - 2007/8

  • Packing Station and Silo Automation
  • Illovo Sugar Ltd Merebank Distillery - 2008

  • Replacement of ORSI PMC 20 Control System
  • Illovo Sugar Ltd (Zambia) - 2008/9

  • Plant Expansion (3000 I/O) & Palletisation Controls