Radio Link System

The T24 is a premium wireless linked radio system operating between load cell and hand held digital indicator


The system is designed for our complete tension load cell range 2 – 250 tonne or retro fitting to any existing standard mV/V output load cell configuration.

The rechargeable long life battery powered system incorporates Microprocessor Controlled functions covering:

  • User friendly operation, just two buttons to operate. One button turns the unit ON/OFF, the other button toggles between GROSS/NET.
  • Total weight memory storage
  • Large digital readout
  • Calibrated in tonnes
  • Peak hold
  • Zero
  • Tare
  • For ease of operation all controls are front panel touch pads.
  • Battery saving with the display turning off after five minutes without use.
  • Operates in normal industrial situations and has a typical range of 100m to 120m.
  • Data logging on computer an optional extra.

Each digital readout/tension cell system is supplied in a rugged aluminum carry case with internal foam padding.

The T24 is available as a complete tension load cell / readout system, or as a stand alone transmitter module and handheld readout package.

Dimensions: 152mm high, 90mm wide and 34mm deep.

Wireless Telemetry USB Base Station (T24-BSu)

  • The T24-BSu provides wireless data acquisition from T24 acquisition modules
  • Configures any T24 telemetry module via USB
  • Powered from USB up to 100m (325 ft) range
  • Miniature desk or wall mounting enclosure
  • Software allows T24 modules to be viewed and logged to a CSV file for easy viewing in MS Excel
  • You can configure the number of channels, communications settings, main title and channel descriptions. These configurations can be saved and loaded at any time.
  • You can view data from up to 24 T24 acquisition modules including, peak, trough, sum. The number of channels, log interval, and display resolution can be configured.