Digital Processors Readouts for Load Cells

Compact display with either 20mm or 29mm digits.


These precision digital indicators are cost effective ensuring fast and accurate weight readings. Ideal for use in mobile applications such as forklifts, platforms, inside truck cabs, crane scales and OEM applications. The compact housing and versatile power supply options make them suitable for basic weighing through to OEM applications. Good for basic weight control or level control functions. Available in desk mount or panel mount.

Model N320-K302-A Compact 20mm Digit Indicator


  • Excitation 5VDC
  • Power 12 – 24 VDC or battery 4 x AA
  • Dimensions 160mm wide x 75mm high x 30mm deep
  • Fully compatible with our large digit readouts


  • Two isolated low side driver outputs
  • Configurable print format


  • Two set points (can drive three light LED systems)
  • Serial RS232 output